Jul 11, 2010

Misada pups

When I post puppy photos I tend to put up Duckie's pups first. So this time Misada and her babies get the lime light first :D

A good friend Tony, headed down to TX on Father's Day weekend and visited with the Mommas and babies. It was extremely hot and it wasn't a long visit but long enough to get a few photos. Thank you Tony!!!

Track news, well I'm way behind on that. Currently we have 10 pets waiting for adoption. Yes, you read that correctly 10! I'm pounding the pavement and searching high and low for adoption groups that can help us out and move some hounds.
As everyone knows, the hounds are always safe with us until a group can be found.
Adoptions are extremely slow right now and I don't know if it's because so many are on vacation or if it's the economy. Whatever it is, things are slow.

I'm not sure if I posted previously but Cracker has been off on a slight injury. He's doing well and hopefully should start working back soon. More then likely this will be Cracker's last hoorah. He's getting up there in age and he owes no one anything!
I chatted with JT on his feelings on if we should even work Cracker back this time.
In JT's words "this boy wants to keep running" who are we to question what the Crackerman wants? LOL

One more thing, there is another on line auction going on with some really nice stuff.
This auction is for GAF (Greyhound Adoption of FL) Take a peak around and if something strikes your fancy feel free to bid away. Just stay clear of the items I'm bidding on would ya ;-)
Link here for the auction

Jun 15, 2010

Not a whole lot of exciting news

Really not a whole lot going on with the Fishdoggies. We do have a 5 new hounds due in on Monday. A few Dave pups and then a few others.
We also might have a few pets being adopted out but that is not 100% for sure just yet so I will hold off about posting on that.

For those of you who enjoy the online auctions there is one running right now to help support the JCKC adoption hounds. GPA-Tallahassee/Sega.
As most of you know JCKC is the very end of the line for racing greyhounds. Basically it's the lowest competition around and one of the adoption programs that can use the most help as they are always flooded with hounds looking for homes.

We might be getting some new photos of the pups in TX so as soon as I hear for sure or when I get photos I will be sure to post those as well.

Sorry this is not a more exciting post but just not much to post about and hate to leave people wondering what is going on so figured I better post something ;)

Jun 1, 2010

Before and after the stakes race

Photos above are before the stakes race in the Post Parade line up and then the after photos of the hounds in the kennel.
What is really funny about all this is that, as you can see both hounds, Do Bee and Cracker are pretty calm and cool before the race. Yes, they make us proud.
The after photos is what is so funny.
While our boys didn't win. Cracker did finish 4th after a pretty big bump on the escape turn and Do Bee finished 6th after navigating threw some fallen hounds. (the two hounds who fell are fine just fyi)
So in the first photos of Do Bee you can see that even though he didn't win his race he was still the happy boy and totally enjoying Judy hanging out on the floor of our kennel to give "her boy" some loving.
Cracker on the other hand was quite PO'd about the fact he got bumped around and didn't win his race.
If you look close you will see a cookie in his crate, that Cracker chose to not touch.
He also was more then happy to give the camera the stink eye.
The most important thing with any race is that all hounds come back to the kennel healthy and happy. While Cracker was none to happy he was healthy.
We are proud of both our hounds. They gave it their all and that is all we can ask.
On other news I got lots and lots of photos of some new hounds to our kennel. I still need to load them and resize but hopefully I will load them up tomorrow.
My 2 new favorites in our kennel. Phoenix Clumsy and Phoenix Itunes.
I've taken to calling Clumsy "the next coming of Dave the Dog" as he is a Dave son :) He really reminds me a lot of his Daddy Dave. And Itunes, OMG is this girl a super sweet lover girl!
I would add the links but Greyhound Data is down at the moment :(

May 25, 2010

Two in the finals!

The results are in and the field is set for the Razorback Stakes race at Southland. While post positions have not been drawn yet, the draw will be on Thur. The dogs that will be in the Finals are
Stevie Pree (Ed Mullen)- 45
Krypto Drive (Charter)- 44
Starz Shetan (Magic City) - 44
Do Bee (Team Greyhound) - 43
Potrs Royal (Ed Mullen) - 42
Alicia Keys (Plum Creek) - 40
Pc's Uranus (Bussman-Balakas)- 35
Flupascrackerbox (Team Greyhound)- 33
Cracker managed to squeak in by basically all the stars lining up perfectly.
The Stake race will be held on Monday May 31. Post time is 1:00 and you can find the link for watching races via the Internet on my previous post.

You all know I love to post photos and I will explain the one above. JT, our trainer at Southland, has been with us since the day Kevin opened his first kennel. JT has handled and trained every dog that has come threw our Southland kennel. Including Dave the Dog, who is Cracker's daddy.
Yes, that is Cracker in the above photos. If there is one human on the face of this earth that Cracker worships it would be JT. These two have the most amazing bond.
While visiting the kennel one day during the time the dogs were all being put up from Turnout a red boy came running up to me and demanded lovings. Yes it was Cracker. So as I'm loving on this boy and checking with JT that for sure this is the Cracker man. JT says "ya that's Cracker" and I swear, the moment this dog heard JT's voice he left me high and dry to go hang with "his human" JT.

I, myself, have been a trainer of a kennel and know that bond some dogs form with the trainer. The bond between Cracker and JT is far greater then any I have ever seen. It really is a sight to behold.
I honestly believe that they both know the other is so special in ways others don't often see but yet they see it in each other.

Come Monday, JT will watch "his boy" Cracker defend his title in the Razorback Stakes along with watching a up and coming superstar in his own rights, Do Bee.

May 23, 2010

Finally Misada puppy photos :)

Can you say cuteness overload? OMG do you not just want to curle up with momma and pups and just breath in that puppy breath and take a nap? I know I do.
And how cute is that little puppy roach? I'm not sure I've ever seen a pup so young roaching.
A huge THANK YOU once again to Beth. She drove on out to the farm this weekend just to visit with the new babies and get some photos of our newest additions.
These babies are out of Bob's Skeet and JJ Misada
Total Missy had 11 pups, one was still born and one was extremely tiny and weak at birth. The little one didn't make it so we are now at 9 pups total for Missy.
Lots of flash and color in this litter. Not that it matters one bit but they sure are pretty to look at ;-)
On the racing side of things. The next round of the Razorback stakes races is going on at Southland tomorrow. We still have Crazydreams, Flupascrackerbox and Do Bee running. Another cut will be made after tomorrows races. The top 8 point getters will go on to the finals on Monday May 31, the next 8 will be in the consolation round.
Safe racing to all hounds entered and fingers crossed that our hounds come across that finish line first :D
Cracker won this exact race last year but hasn't fared so well this year. But in his place stepped up his little half bro Do Bee. As of today Do Bee is the leader in points.
To watch the races at Southland you can click here
Race time starts at 4:00

May 21, 2010

Don't let the size fool you!

Seriously folks, don't let size fool you. Mighty things can come in small packages too. I recall a friend visiting our Southland kennel and we just had a new litter come to the kennel. This friend who shall remain nameless, or not JUDY :P Looked at this little boy, who at the time was pretty scared and unsure of his surroundings, and stated "he'll never make it"
I have since hired this friend to visit all our farms to tell us what hounds will never make it LOL

OK all kidding aside, above is a super little hound with one of the biggest hearts around. Do Bee. He's tipping the scales at 65lbs and I think his heart is taking up over half that weight.
Watching this boy run is nothing short of amazing. Last night, in the 3rd round of the Razorback stakes race at Southland, he had an amazing break. But by time he reached the escape turn he was sitting 3rd. That's OK since we know Do Bee has the ability to make a great homestretch run. But it's not often that a dog can be passed when they are out in front and then come back for the win.
Sometimes it's just takes something out of the dog to be passed when on the lead.
Do Bee knows nothing of this.

Not only is Do Bee an amazing racer, in the photos above you can see that he is a bit of a clown as well. He smiles and grins and does a crazy silly little dance when you talk silly to him.
Do Bee is one of those hounds that when looking at him you might not think of him as a super racer and I think he just might enjoy proving all of those folks wrong. He just has that way about him.

So far, there has been 3 rounds to this Stakes Race. Do Bee's record for the 3 rounds is two 1st place finishes and a 2nd place finish.
Atta boy little man! We are all so proud of you.
Not to be left out, a huge CONGRATS to Ludwick, owner of Do Bee. IIRC Do Bee is actually named after Ludwick's son.
Ludwick and his family are amazing people and I'm so glad that this super little boy is their hound. Couldn't ask for nicer people and they make my job so much easier.

Lets hope for Do Bee to continue his winning ways because I really think he would look adorable in that winners circle :D

May 20, 2010

The total is in

No new photos but you know I have to include something so this is a previous photo of Misada that Beth took.
Misada finished up having her pups late Tue night. It was a pretty long labor for Misada and I'm really glad we have made the choice to pet Missy out after this litter. Even if that wasn't our choice before it would be ours now after this long labor.

Missy had a total of 11 pups. One was still born and one is very small and weak at birth. Missy has been trying to reject that one pup but William is working hard to get Missy to accept that pup. He's watching over and placing the pup on a nipple to make sure he/she is getting fed. Momma's normally know when something is wrong with their pups and Missy has never rejected a pup before. Sometimes nature can be a sad factor to deal with. But no one is giving up on this little pup.

Hopefully some photos of Missy's pups this weekend.

On kennel news one of our newer pups into the kennel has won her maiden race. Constant Boogie won in her first maiden race. WOOOHOOO Congrats Cheryl and Jay. I think you have a very special pup here in Boogie.

Tonight is another qualifying round for the Razorback Stakes race. May all our hounds run fast and safe! Right now Do Bee is sitting tied for first with the most amount of points. Atta boy little Do Bee!

We also moved out 2 hounds who will soon be headed to the Tucson track to run. This is a new venture for us and our owners but we feel we have some very good connections in Tucson to watch over these hounds and make sure if they don't make the race track they will be placed into a greyhound adoption program. We have received a few hound that had previously ran at Tucson and they came to us in AMAZING condition, well cared for, friendly, happy, social and clean. Of course this is all very important to us when working with other kennels. We need to feel we can trust in the proper care during and after their racing careers and this kennel has showed they are on the same page as us with this outlook.

OK lets hope for some good updates tomorrow on results from the 3rd round of the Razorback Stakes Race.