May 20, 2010

The total is in

No new photos but you know I have to include something so this is a previous photo of Misada that Beth took.
Misada finished up having her pups late Tue night. It was a pretty long labor for Misada and I'm really glad we have made the choice to pet Missy out after this litter. Even if that wasn't our choice before it would be ours now after this long labor.

Missy had a total of 11 pups. One was still born and one is very small and weak at birth. Missy has been trying to reject that one pup but William is working hard to get Missy to accept that pup. He's watching over and placing the pup on a nipple to make sure he/she is getting fed. Momma's normally know when something is wrong with their pups and Missy has never rejected a pup before. Sometimes nature can be a sad factor to deal with. But no one is giving up on this little pup.

Hopefully some photos of Missy's pups this weekend.

On kennel news one of our newer pups into the kennel has won her maiden race. Constant Boogie won in her first maiden race. WOOOHOOO Congrats Cheryl and Jay. I think you have a very special pup here in Boogie.

Tonight is another qualifying round for the Razorback Stakes race. May all our hounds run fast and safe! Right now Do Bee is sitting tied for first with the most amount of points. Atta boy little Do Bee!

We also moved out 2 hounds who will soon be headed to the Tucson track to run. This is a new venture for us and our owners but we feel we have some very good connections in Tucson to watch over these hounds and make sure if they don't make the race track they will be placed into a greyhound adoption program. We have received a few hound that had previously ran at Tucson and they came to us in AMAZING condition, well cared for, friendly, happy, social and clean. Of course this is all very important to us when working with other kennels. We need to feel we can trust in the proper care during and after their racing careers and this kennel has showed they are on the same page as us with this outlook.

OK lets hope for some good updates tomorrow on results from the 3rd round of the Razorback Stakes Race.

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  1. Sorry one of Missy's babies was stillborn, sounds like she has enough to keep her busy though.

    That Do Bee is too cute with his little grin.