May 21, 2010

Don't let the size fool you!

Seriously folks, don't let size fool you. Mighty things can come in small packages too. I recall a friend visiting our Southland kennel and we just had a new litter come to the kennel. This friend who shall remain nameless, or not JUDY :P Looked at this little boy, who at the time was pretty scared and unsure of his surroundings, and stated "he'll never make it"
I have since hired this friend to visit all our farms to tell us what hounds will never make it LOL

OK all kidding aside, above is a super little hound with one of the biggest hearts around. Do Bee. He's tipping the scales at 65lbs and I think his heart is taking up over half that weight.
Watching this boy run is nothing short of amazing. Last night, in the 3rd round of the Razorback stakes race at Southland, he had an amazing break. But by time he reached the escape turn he was sitting 3rd. That's OK since we know Do Bee has the ability to make a great homestretch run. But it's not often that a dog can be passed when they are out in front and then come back for the win.
Sometimes it's just takes something out of the dog to be passed when on the lead.
Do Bee knows nothing of this.

Not only is Do Bee an amazing racer, in the photos above you can see that he is a bit of a clown as well. He smiles and grins and does a crazy silly little dance when you talk silly to him.
Do Bee is one of those hounds that when looking at him you might not think of him as a super racer and I think he just might enjoy proving all of those folks wrong. He just has that way about him.

So far, there has been 3 rounds to this Stakes Race. Do Bee's record for the 3 rounds is two 1st place finishes and a 2nd place finish.
Atta boy little man! We are all so proud of you.
Not to be left out, a huge CONGRATS to Ludwick, owner of Do Bee. IIRC Do Bee is actually named after Ludwick's son.
Ludwick and his family are amazing people and I'm so glad that this super little boy is their hound. Couldn't ask for nicer people and they make my job so much easier.

Lets hope for Do Bee to continue his winning ways because I really think he would look adorable in that winners circle :D

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