May 23, 2010

Finally Misada puppy photos :)

Can you say cuteness overload? OMG do you not just want to curle up with momma and pups and just breath in that puppy breath and take a nap? I know I do.
And how cute is that little puppy roach? I'm not sure I've ever seen a pup so young roaching.
A huge THANK YOU once again to Beth. She drove on out to the farm this weekend just to visit with the new babies and get some photos of our newest additions.
These babies are out of Bob's Skeet and JJ Misada
Total Missy had 11 pups, one was still born and one was extremely tiny and weak at birth. The little one didn't make it so we are now at 9 pups total for Missy.
Lots of flash and color in this litter. Not that it matters one bit but they sure are pretty to look at ;-)
On the racing side of things. The next round of the Razorback stakes races is going on at Southland tomorrow. We still have Crazydreams, Flupascrackerbox and Do Bee running. Another cut will be made after tomorrows races. The top 8 point getters will go on to the finals on Monday May 31, the next 8 will be in the consolation round.
Safe racing to all hounds entered and fingers crossed that our hounds come across that finish line first :D
Cracker won this exact race last year but hasn't fared so well this year. But in his place stepped up his little half bro Do Bee. As of today Do Bee is the leader in points.
To watch the races at Southland you can click here
Race time starts at 4:00


  1. So cute, the little black one is practicing being a greyhound at an early age. Sorry to hear the runt did not make it, but mom knew best.

  2. Love your blog Heather and I love that others get to see the pups too :)