May 25, 2010

Two in the finals!

The results are in and the field is set for the Razorback Stakes race at Southland. While post positions have not been drawn yet, the draw will be on Thur. The dogs that will be in the Finals are
Stevie Pree (Ed Mullen)- 45
Krypto Drive (Charter)- 44
Starz Shetan (Magic City) - 44
Do Bee (Team Greyhound) - 43
Potrs Royal (Ed Mullen) - 42
Alicia Keys (Plum Creek) - 40
Pc's Uranus (Bussman-Balakas)- 35
Flupascrackerbox (Team Greyhound)- 33
Cracker managed to squeak in by basically all the stars lining up perfectly.
The Stake race will be held on Monday May 31. Post time is 1:00 and you can find the link for watching races via the Internet on my previous post.

You all know I love to post photos and I will explain the one above. JT, our trainer at Southland, has been with us since the day Kevin opened his first kennel. JT has handled and trained every dog that has come threw our Southland kennel. Including Dave the Dog, who is Cracker's daddy.
Yes, that is Cracker in the above photos. If there is one human on the face of this earth that Cracker worships it would be JT. These two have the most amazing bond.
While visiting the kennel one day during the time the dogs were all being put up from Turnout a red boy came running up to me and demanded lovings. Yes it was Cracker. So as I'm loving on this boy and checking with JT that for sure this is the Cracker man. JT says "ya that's Cracker" and I swear, the moment this dog heard JT's voice he left me high and dry to go hang with "his human" JT.

I, myself, have been a trainer of a kennel and know that bond some dogs form with the trainer. The bond between Cracker and JT is far greater then any I have ever seen. It really is a sight to behold.
I honestly believe that they both know the other is so special in ways others don't often see but yet they see it in each other.

Come Monday, JT will watch "his boy" Cracker defend his title in the Razorback Stakes along with watching a up and coming superstar in his own rights, Do Bee.


  1. Good luck, Cracker! Win or not, he's a legend and JT is too. Maybe JT should adopt Cracker when he retires ;-)

  2. Great write up! Love that "love story" :)

  3. Greyt racing luck to both. And stay safe around the track! I'll be watchng you.