Jun 1, 2010

Before and after the stakes race

Photos above are before the stakes race in the Post Parade line up and then the after photos of the hounds in the kennel.
What is really funny about all this is that, as you can see both hounds, Do Bee and Cracker are pretty calm and cool before the race. Yes, they make us proud.
The after photos is what is so funny.
While our boys didn't win. Cracker did finish 4th after a pretty big bump on the escape turn and Do Bee finished 6th after navigating threw some fallen hounds. (the two hounds who fell are fine just fyi)
So in the first photos of Do Bee you can see that even though he didn't win his race he was still the happy boy and totally enjoying Judy hanging out on the floor of our kennel to give "her boy" some loving.
Cracker on the other hand was quite PO'd about the fact he got bumped around and didn't win his race.
If you look close you will see a cookie in his crate, that Cracker chose to not touch.
He also was more then happy to give the camera the stink eye.
The most important thing with any race is that all hounds come back to the kennel healthy and happy. While Cracker was none to happy he was healthy.
We are proud of both our hounds. They gave it their all and that is all we can ask.
On other news I got lots and lots of photos of some new hounds to our kennel. I still need to load them and resize but hopefully I will load them up tomorrow.
My 2 new favorites in our kennel. Phoenix Clumsy and Phoenix Itunes.
I've taken to calling Clumsy "the next coming of Dave the Dog" as he is a Dave son :) He really reminds me a lot of his Daddy Dave. And Itunes, OMG is this girl a super sweet lover girl!
I would add the links but Greyhound Data is down at the moment :(

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  1. Great pics.! :) Gorgeous pups.
    Cracker gets that same look as his momma does when she gets bumped around by ArchE when patiently waiting for her cookie. LOL