Jun 15, 2010

Not a whole lot of exciting news

Really not a whole lot going on with the Fishdoggies. We do have a 5 new hounds due in on Monday. A few Dave pups and then a few others.
We also might have a few pets being adopted out but that is not 100% for sure just yet so I will hold off about posting on that.

For those of you who enjoy the online auctions there is one running right now to help support the JCKC adoption hounds. GPA-Tallahassee/Sega.
As most of you know JCKC is the very end of the line for racing greyhounds. Basically it's the lowest competition around and one of the adoption programs that can use the most help as they are always flooded with hounds looking for homes.

We might be getting some new photos of the pups in TX so as soon as I hear for sure or when I get photos I will be sure to post those as well.

Sorry this is not a more exciting post but just not much to post about and hate to leave people wondering what is going on so figured I better post something ;)

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  1. Is someone else going out to take some pics? I was thinking about going on Sunday...