Jul 11, 2010

Misada pups

When I post puppy photos I tend to put up Duckie's pups first. So this time Misada and her babies get the lime light first :D

A good friend Tony, headed down to TX on Father's Day weekend and visited with the Mommas and babies. It was extremely hot and it wasn't a long visit but long enough to get a few photos. Thank you Tony!!!

Track news, well I'm way behind on that. Currently we have 10 pets waiting for adoption. Yes, you read that correctly 10! I'm pounding the pavement and searching high and low for adoption groups that can help us out and move some hounds.
As everyone knows, the hounds are always safe with us until a group can be found.
Adoptions are extremely slow right now and I don't know if it's because so many are on vacation or if it's the economy. Whatever it is, things are slow.

I'm not sure if I posted previously but Cracker has been off on a slight injury. He's doing well and hopefully should start working back soon. More then likely this will be Cracker's last hoorah. He's getting up there in age and he owes no one anything!
I chatted with JT on his feelings on if we should even work Cracker back this time.
In JT's words "this boy wants to keep running" who are we to question what the Crackerman wants? LOL

One more thing, there is another on line auction going on with some really nice stuff.
This auction is for GAF (Greyhound Adoption of FL) Take a peak around and if something strikes your fancy feel free to bid away. Just stay clear of the items I'm bidding on would ya ;-)
Link here for the auction


  1. Missy Masada and her beautiful babies, soon she will have a couch of her very own.

  2. Is there any way to contact owner of this site? I see no contact or email info. I have some particular questions I'd like to ask. Thanks.